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Director of Technology

Sal Magnone


Sal Magnone has founded, cofounded and run a number of successful technology and hybrid technology-service firms over the past eighteen years including LAB09 LLC, SearchShark.COM and Marincorp Solutions LLC.

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Sal cofounded SearchShark.COM in 1997. SearchShark.COM was the first publicly available Java powered meta-search tool on the World Wide Web. It was also the first search tool to combine adaptive search, an extended set of personalized search tools, and privacy options on a single site.

After SearchShark.COM Sal was an Entrepreneur-in-Residence and later CTO for Software Development Services US (SDS-US), a global technology sourcing company based in the US, UK, and Ukraine. As part of that role, he became interim CTO for NYCHSRO-MedReview, New York State’s oldest medical utilization management firm.

In 2002, Sal cofounded Marincorp Solutions LLC, a hybrid technology-service and business process outsourcing (BPO) firm headquartered in New York City, NY. Sal and his cofounder grew Marincorp to over 400 employees and assigns powering operations across India, in the Philippines, and in Argentina. Marincorp serviced insurance, banking, medical, and retail clients in the United States and across the European Union.

Sal is also the founder of LAB09 LLC, a New York – New Jersey based technology incubator for companies seeking to develop vastly scalable technology solutions suitable for the high-speed, low latency, fault resistant worlds of market data, securities trading and hybrid social networking-mobile applications.

Sal’s experience includes high-speed market data systems, fixed-income, convertible and currency & credit derivative trading and hedging systems, as well as trading support and surveillance systems, and corporate action & reconciliation systems.

Sal has extensive experience with high speed messaging systems, distributed memory transaction processing, and stream based ESP and CEP products. He has worked with partners like Gigaspaces, Oracle, and Sun to deliver solutions that process over 200K transactions/sec, with latency in the microseconds range.

  • Sal Magnone’s Specialties:
    - Taking companies start to finish
    - Building ideas into products and products into businesses

    - High Performance OLTP/OLAP distributed memory, cluster, and grid systems
    - Multi-terabyte class data repositories, and real-time ETL
    - Activity surveillance and analytics