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Technical Architect

Alex Asianov


Alex Asianov is currently Senior Architect and Managing Director of DOOR3 Business Applications, a company he founded in 2002. Alex has training in scientific research and has done software development and architecture since the 1980’s.

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He has worked at Sloan Kettering Institute, International Council of Shopping Centers, Bank of New York, Cowen & Company (later SG Cowen), Sapient Corporation, and has taught New Media Technology at The New School.

He has focused on financial services and general solution architecture.

Alex optimized the Bank of New York SWIFT protocol handler and architected (and led a team in developing) Cowen & Co’s proprietary FIX engine. The FIX engine was one of the first to feature a fully distributed, fault-tolerant architecture while achieving highly competitive performance numbers.

While at Sapient Corporation, Alex led the development team for the BrownCo online trading platform, designed to provide professional traders with the lightest and most responsive tool in the industry; the team leveraged off-the-shelf integration middleware to achieve performance targets. At this time, Alex was also the team’s optimization and performance guru.

While in high school and college, Alex developed numerous games for the 6502 platforms and became an expert Assembly language programmer, thus developing a deep understanding of low-level optimization techniques.

Alex is lifelong inventor; he developed and patented a specialized lighting system, and developed a small aircraft early warning safety system. As a result, he has real-time computing and direct chip-level coding experience. He has also conceived and developed a mortgage banking platform and was the first to develop an online data vault which went into operation pre-broadband.

  • Alex Asianov’s Specialties:
    - Requirements gathering
    - Software architecture
    - Software development process
    - Project management
    - Business planning
    - Financial modeling
    - Management of off-shore development
    - IT department management
    - Raising venture capital