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Creative Director / Industrial and Environmental Design

Celestino Sanna


Celestino’s aim is to reinforce the experiences of young professionals in the fields of design, communication, art and art craft. His venue is StudioFactory, which he founded in 1999 in Matera, Italy.

  • Contact Celestino
    via email o phone +39 0835 334 775

Celestino’s path crossed FDT’s as a member of Frazione di Tempo in the late ’80’s. The next decade saw him finish studies at the ISIA in Roma, and move to Matera to work with major players in the padded furniture design business. Celestino has since participated in major international fairs and collaborated with local artisans. In 1997, with Sergio Mazzoli, Celestino organized the exhibition in Matera of “Design and territory.” In 1999 Ugo La Pietra invited him to participate to the exhibition “Diversities” at MIA in Florence and in the year 2000 to “Inhabiting Time” in Verona.

In May 2000 he took part in the national congress CNAS (National Design Associations Committee) and created ADIBA (Design Association of Basilicata) of which he is the president. Long time collaborator with FDTdesign, StudioFactory and FDTdesign have now joined forces and gave birth to a new entity IOI (Industria Oggetti Italiani) dedicated to cross-over between industrial and graphic design.

  • Notable Clients and Collaborations
    - Luxform
    - Coserplast
    - Viaggi di Architettura
    - Artempo
    - Marinelli Salotti
    - Nicoletti Salotti