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Partner / Chief Creative Officer (CCO)

Marco Moretti


Marco brings a rare combination of technical mastery, creative vision, and hands-on immersion to every project he directs. His long history of creative team leadership is a proven design record of brand development, interactive and multi-media projects.

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    via email o phone +1 212.571.2353

By combining his academic background in the Italian traditions of fine art and architecture with extensive commercial brand strategy experience, Marco enforces a highly evolved process that begins with a thorough understanding of client’s needs and the landscape in which they do business. This rare alloy of pragmatism and creative possibility has served to form the foundation of FDTdesign.

Marco’s insight and vision comes with an unrelenting commitment to quality in every project he takes on. In 10+ years as creative consultant, Marco worked for and collaborated with various design firms such as:

SME Branding - by all accounts the world leader in sports branding, as Art Director (95-98), and then as Creative Director (02-03), he led the design team in award-winning sports brand design working in various roles from design to strategic planning.

Neokom - a NY based new media company where between 1998 and 2001 he was acting CCO, supervising a staff of 16 - interactive designers, information architects, programmers, strategists, creative and technologists, developing and implementing complex and content heavy websites.