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A Little bit about ourself or where we are coming from

Our History


Since 1994, FDTdesign have developed integrated brand and technology solutions for a diverse array of clients. From corporations to non profit organizations and beyond, FDT have cultivated relationships with a long and growing list of notable clientele in the United States and Europe.

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A flexible, cost-efficient design studio unencumbered by the bureaucratic inefficiency and expense of large agencies, FDT’s strong international network of talent, called the FDTnexus, are assembled on a per-project basis to form custom-tailored teams designed to deliver the greatest return on investment for clients. This tightly knit consortium of peers and colleagues share a dedication to innovation, vision, taste and professionalism – all backed by each individual’s unique skills and proven track record. This dynamic and dependable structure allows FDTdesign to stay modular, manageable, and truly competitive.