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Information Design

Paolo Sancis


Paolo is a consultant in information design, an approach to visual communication where supporting an effective sharing of complex information has the main focus.


After studies in Industrial Design, Paolo pursued a career as a graphic designer. He then pioneered information and interaction design in Italy and in France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Belgium.

During his twenty year career, he designed document systems, web sites and user interfaces for organizations that seek to optimize information sharing with their clients/users: government agencies; industrial, information technology and scientific enterprises; banks, insurances and other financial companies; academic institutions; and others.

The ability to structure and simplify documents and interfaces with high information density, without neglecting identity and brand issues, is one of his most appreciated quality.

  • Notable Clients and Collaborations
    - Telecom Italia (IT)
    - IDII, Interaction Design Institute Ivrea (IT)
    - Banque de Luxembourg (LX)
    - France Telecom (FR)
    - La Banque Postale (FR)
    - RATP, Paris Transport Company (FR)
    - L’Oréal Recherche (FR)
    - Belastingdienst, Tax and Custom Administration Agency (NL)
    - NS, Dutch Railways (NL)
    - Rabobank (NL)