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User Interface Architect

Gabriele Moretti


Gabriele Moretti is a licensed and practicing Architect in Italy specialized in urban planning. He received his degree in Architecture from the University of Florence, Italy in 1998 with a thesis on the design of the interactive sounds and music park “Sinnos,” situated in an ancient sandstone quarry in Sardegna. An integral part of this project included large scale interactive kiosks. Sinnos Park went on to be realized by the Reqion of Sardegna and opened in 2007.


As an architect, Moretti is uniquely positioned to contribute the perspective of navigation and order to user experiences and thus provide affective insight to the realm of wayfinding and overall user experience design - after all, human-computer interaction can be partially modeled based on real life experiences such as navigating a car through a busy urban environment or finding the product you are looking for in the middle of an oversized shopping mall.

The FDT approach to web design is to assemble a team of skilled professionals that encompass all aspects of user experience from the architecture, to front-end design to its programming. FDT employs interactive designers, information architects and programmers. We are proud to include Architect Moretti for his unique consultation for user experience - he contributes a conceptual and methodological insight with respect to building possible sustainable growth strategies within the user interface sphere. He will help us integrate different perspectives by including a cognitive approach to our user interfaces and finding the much needed human scale to web projects.

  • Projects Gabriele worked on:
    - Lisa Austin & Associates
    - Greentree
    - Out of Hand Festival
    - Viaggi di Architettura