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Comune di Asuni, Sardegna, Italy

MEA - Museo dell'Emigrazione Asuni

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Migration is part of the human experience since the first man appeared on earth. The island of Sardinia, situated in the middle of the Mediterranean, has a tradition of emigration. The Mayor and local officials of Asuni were looking to develop their small town into a cultural destination and planned for the opening of a local museum focused on Sardinian migration as well as migration as a global and historical phenomenon.

Project Description

FDTdesign’s Creative Director Marco Moretti was hired by the architects, who designed the museum, to develop the new brand identity of MEA, Museo dell’Emigrazione di Asuni (Museum of Emigration of Asuni). A comprehensive identity system was developed followed by a brand manual equipped with graphic standards and style guide. Anticipating the immediate needs for the opening of the museum, the manual included creative attributes and templates for the various communication and promotional needs, such as stationary, signage, advertising, merchandise, and numerous sample possibilities for brand usage.


MEA is scheduled to open in the Spring of 2010.

  • Creative Direction: Marco Moretti
  • Management Team: Giuseppe Loche, Alberto Loche
  • Design: Marco Moretti
  • Technology: Marco Moretti, Cristiano Santeramo, Fausto Anedda
  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Printed matter
  • Advertising and Direct Mail Campaign
  • Wayfinding
  • Environmental
  • Online Experience