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DO iT began in 1993 in Paris with a discussion among Christian Boltanski, Bertrand Lavier, and Hans Ulrich Obrist.

DO iT at e-Flux is an online manual of artists’ instructions open for public interaction to actualize a piece of contemporary art.

Project Description

The curator, Hans Ulrich Obrist and sponsoring partner e-flux, presented FDTdesign with the challenge to take an immense amount of content – which primarily existed only in print and paper and had only been viewed through exhibition, and to create an online venue accessible to a wider audience.

FDTdesign transformed handwriting, type and hand drawn sketches into a highly functional, interactive digital archive. A database-driven website was developed to meticulously organize and archive the history of content on the back end while the front end presented a functional, elegant interface to enable visitors to interact and participate on varying levels. Participants could download instruction and then later post their results by simply uploading their personal pictures and comments.

The DO iT site has generated thousands of visitors and continues to be a spirited and influential project within the contemporary art world and has received praise for its functional design. Additionally, the DO iT project has expanded to DO iT TV which FDTdesign designed and developed.

  • Creative Direction: Marco Moretti
  • Management: Katherine Hill
  • Design: Marco Moretti
  • Technology: Marco Moretti
  • Branding
  • Online Experience
  • Printed Advertising