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“Rosie’s” is the parent umbrella brand developed by FDT encapsulates all of the philanthropic entities founded by celebrity and activist Rosie O’Donnell. This initial brand architecture was developed to encompass three main entities: Rosie’s For All Kids Foundation, Rosie’s Broadway Kids, and Rosie’s Shop.

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Project Description

While these three main entities remain central to the family of organizations, there was a need to allow potential new brands a place to grow and the means for rosie’s in-house staff to create next-of-kin identities easily.

Rosie’s Brand Architecture offers a wealth of flexibility for the creation of new identities as new programs, initiatives and events are born under the mother brand. Rosie’s Brand Architecture is comprised of several unique components and attributes which, when combined, can be used to create a whole new identity. With this in mind, FDT created the rosie’s Brand Maker, an interactive tool which allows for easy creation of new identities. Using an easy drag and drop interface, creating a new logo with rosie’s Brand Maker is fun, easy, and - most important - cost effective.

  • Creative Direction: Marco Moretti
  • Management: Katherine Hill
  • Copywriter: Renee Soucy, Cheryl Brown
  • Design: Marco Moretti, Okan Usta, Steve Rura, Deniz Marlin, Filip Stoj
  • Technology: Alessandro Canu, Cristiano Santeramo
  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Printed matter
  • Flex based webcentric application
  • Iconography System
  • Custom Typeface