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Brand Development


A consistent and well-structured corporate identity begins with a consistent and well-structured brand. A company’s identity is fragmented over any number of communicative vehicles, all of which can either support or diminish the brand equity, depending on their execution.

Brand Development and Identity Programs

FDT is a firm believer that a system that supports, integrates and maintains the integrity of a brand’s identity while offering the creative flexibility to inspire, is what allows a company, organization, institution or event to unify their image and keep it alive. So, whether your pieces stand together or alone, they are consistently and identifiably “you” and no one else’.

FDT also recognizes the specific demands corporations as well as small businesses are faced with when it comes to competing with the rapid pace of today’s market. Our solutions are centered on solving your business challenges and diagnosing your core branding attributes to develop consistent and coherent communication tools for a complete identity program. We offer strong, innovative and strategic based solutions that meet your immediate goals and respond to your long-term objectives.