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InSite is a collaboration among multiple non-profit and public cultural institutions in Mexico and the US that every few years develop a central theme derived from artistic investigations and activation of space in San Diego and Tijuana. Each theme is expressed through a series of events, art residencies, programs, and publications.

Project Description

InSite came to FDTdesign with the goal to build historical continuity by establishing a new brand image. Having a long history of events and publications, yet no consistent identity, FDTdesign developed and defined a comprehensive identity system for both, adaptable to the needs of the organization and the events. FDTdesign responded by first tackling the unclear issues about who and what the organization was and where they were going. Once we distinguished the multiple aspects of the organization and their events, FDTdesign developed the inSite (organization) and inSite_05 (event) identities creating an in-depth brand manual consisting of graphic standards and style guides for optimal in-house brand management and application – ie stationary, collateral, signage, advertising, and promotions.

The new brand and web presence brought inSite to new recognizable heights within the art world making inSite and international destination.

  • Creative Direction: Marco Moretti
  • Management: Katherine Hill
  • Design: Marco Moretti, Thiago deMello Bueno
  • Technology: David A. Schmidt, Brent Arnold
  • Branding
  • Printed matter
  • Advertising and Direct Mail Campaign
  • Online Experience
  • Content Management System